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 How to Apply

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PostSubject: How to Apply   Fri Jul 12, 2013 4:25 am

If you wish to apply to join the roleplay, the application form is below, as well as a few guidelines.

  • You will first need to get an account on the site. Please don't make your username a character's name yet, you can change it afterwards in your profile. An admin will then add you to the "applying" group. If you have not applied after 30 days, your account will be moved to the "guest" group.
  • If you only wish to be a guest, let an admin know, and one of them will move you to the "guest" group. That way, you can take part in discussions, but not the RP.
  • Please read through the list of characters available, and choose one you would like to roleplay.
  • Fill in the form below, and include a 100-200 word RP sample in character, as your chosen character. Then, just PM your form to one of the admins.
  • Please wait a while while we discuss your application. This may take a little while, but should not take longer than two days.
  • When your application is accepted, you will be moved to the "members" group, and one of the admins will send you a small bio of your character, including where they stand in the current roleplay situation. You may add more information to it as you please, but please don't heavily edit or change what the admin has given you. You then post it in the biographies section. Posting this bio confirms that you wish to roleplay this character, and it will be made unavailable.
  • If you are applying for an OC, you will need to create a full, detailed bio, and post it in the biographies section. If an admin doesn't think it qualifies, you may be asked to edit your bio.

Here is the application form to fill in.

Roleplayer's Age: (This is to confirm that you are over 16)
Desired Character: 
Reason for Choosing that Character: (A line or two about why you chose them)

RP Sample:
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How to Apply
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