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 Creating Plot Threads

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PostSubject: Creating Plot Threads   Mon Jul 15, 2013 7:50 am

When roleplaying, you can create your own threads in the appropriate sections, and include the characters that will be roleplaying in the thread. This is so plot points can be developed, and relationships and character development can also take place. It could also add something to plot, perhaps a secret plan between two characters, for example.

What you need to do:

  • You don't need to ask permission to set up a plot thread, just go ahead and do it.
  • You need to add the following things: why the plot thread was set up, a brief description of the surroundings, place, time, weather etc, and which characters will be roleplaying in the thread.
  • You need to ask the participating roleplayers if they would like to take part in the thread first.
  • You need at least two characters in a separate plot thread.
  • It needs to be added to the correct section, based on the location of the side plot thread. For example, if the plot thread is taking place in Oberyn's chambers at Sunspear, it needs to be put in the "Dorne" RP section.
  • All main RP with still take place in the main location threads.
  • You can only have/take part in one plot thread at a time.
  • Admins and mods have the right to lock plot threads if they see fit.
  • PM an admin or mod when your plot is complete, and they will move and archive the thread.
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Creating Plot Threads
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